Remote Access SSH, Mosh, ZSH, TMUX

Posted on Tue 02 January 2024 in Security • Tagged with Linux, FreeBSD, Admin, ssh, tmux, zsh

Having secure remote access that's still convenient is key when you're travelling. My setup is very old, but still works perfectly. The remote access I need is mostly terminal access, as I have a lot of tools on terminal to access my important data remotely.


I use …

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Interesting project for space nerds

Posted on Sun 31 December 2023 in Space • Tagged with Space, Opensource

At this year's 37c3, a talk by two members of the Libre Space Foundation (LSF) caught my attention. The story of how they prepared their own open-design satellites and launched them into space was fun to hear. They developed a lot of tools to make the development possible. They used …

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FreeBSD 14 - take the power back

Posted on Sat 23 December 2023 in FreeBSD • Tagged with FreeBSD, performance

FreeBSD 14 was released a few weeks ago. One of my home servers has been running FreeBSD for many years. The system has been upgraded from version to version and works like a charm. Some jails are used to separate services provided by the box and ZFS as a file …

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SMTP Smuggling

Posted on Sat 23 December 2023 in Security • Tagged with Postfix, Mail, Security, IT-Security

On 2023-12-18, the SEC Consult team published a security issue affecting many SMTP implementations. The problem results in some attack vectors bypassing important antispam/antispoofing mechanisms. This can cause major problems as mails can be injected into the mail flow that appear to come from a valid trusted source.

It …

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Bad luck with a buggy Linux kernel

Posted on Sat 23 December 2023 in Linux • Tagged with Linux, Debian

When I installed Debian on a Thinkpad two weeks ago, I was out of luck. As you may have heard, the stable Linux kernel maintenance team imported a change from the upstream which caused a major problem on systems with ext4 filesystems. Ext4 is the default for Debian installs, and …

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My last CentOS machines are retired

Posted on Fri 22 December 2023 in Linux • Tagged with CentOS, Linux, Debian

Over the past few years I have used a number of different Linux distributions in addition to FreeBSD and MacOS. My daily work is also often done on Microsoft Windows machines. I am not a fan of the best operating system battle. In my opinion, the best system is the …

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Nala an useful frontend for apt

Posted on Wed 13 December 2023 in Linux • Tagged with Linux, Debian

Nala a useful frontend for apt

If you like the cli like I do, you might also like modern tools with some eye candy. Nala is a nice frontend for dpkg and a replacement for apt. It has some useful features for your daily work.

The history for nala can …

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Build your own GNNS monitoring system

Posted on Mon 04 July 2022 in GNSS • Tagged with GNNS, Galileo, Linux, Galmon

How to build your own GNNS monitoring system

Some time ago, I stumbled over the Galmon project by Bert Hubert. Since I am into everything with space technology, this caught my attention. Bert initiated a project where you can host your own mini observing station and collect status information from …

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Make ESI MAYA 22 USB work on Fedora 32

Posted on Fri 28 August 2020 in Fedora • Tagged with Fedora, Lenovo, Thinkpad

The MAYA 22 USB is an audio interface you can easily connect over USB to your computer.

I like it for its small form factor and good build quality.

It works great with MAC, FreeBSD, Linux and Windows.

When I connected it to my Fedora 32 notebook the device was …

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Fedora 32 on a Lenovo T14 AMD Ryzen model

Posted on Fri 28 August 2020 in Fedora • Tagged with Fedora, Lenovo, Thinkpad

The T14 with AMD processor arrived and it is time for a short write up.


The machine I work with is powered by an AMD Ryzen 7 PRO 4750U with Radeon Graphics. It comes with 8 Cores and 16 threads from 1.7 GHz - 4.1 GHz. Aside to …

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