Build your own GNNS monitoring system

Posted on Mo 04 Juli 2022 in GNSS • Tagged with GNNS, Galileo, Linux, Galmon

How to build your own GNNS monitoring system

Some time ago, I stumbled over the Galmon project by Bert Hubert. Since I am into everything with space technology, this caught my attention. Bert initiated a project where you can host your own mini observing station and collect status information from …

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Make ESI MAYA 22 USB work on Fedora 32

Posted on Fr 28 August 2020 in Fedora • Tagged with Fedora, Lenovo, Thinkpad

The MAYA 22 USB is an audio interface you can easily connect over USB to your computer.

I like it for its small form factor and good build quality.

It works great with MAC, FreeBSD, Linux and Windows.

When I connected it to my Fedora 32 notebook the device was …

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Fedora 32 on a Lenovo T14 AMD Ryzen model

Posted on Fr 28 August 2020 in Fedora • Tagged with Fedora, Lenovo, Thinkpad

The T14 with AMD processor arrived and it is time for a short write up.


The machine I work with is powered by an AMD Ryzen 7 PRO 4750U with Radeon Graphics. It comes with 8 Cores and 16 threads from 1.7 GHz - 4.1 GHz. Aside to …

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How I did start using FreeBSD

Posted on Do 27 Dezember 2018 in FreeBSD • Tagged with FreeBSD

My start with FreeBSD on a DEC Alpha

When I was sorting out some old photos, I came over one showing my old Alpha 800. I found it at my father’s company when I was still in school. They didn't use it anymore back in that days and I …

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Back to SubEthaEdit

Posted on Do 27 Dezember 2018 in misc • Tagged with Mac, Editor

I was very happy because of the annoucement that SubEthaEdit will have a future! I was using it for a long time, since I bought my first Mac back in 2008 or so. It was a very good editor and did a good job for serveral years on my Mac …

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Atom editor review

Posted on Do 29 März 2018 in misc • Tagged with Atom, Mac, Editor, Linux, Windows

The GitHub Inc. has released the Atom editor ( some time ago. It is a nice editor with some basic IDE functionality. Based on the first experiences it is a stable peace of software with a fast interface. The most basic features you would like to see in …

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Set a custom PATH for the fish shell

Posted on Sa 10 Februar 2018 in misc • Tagged with fish, Mac

To use the mac ports system for custom software on MacOS you need to modify your local PATH variable for your used shell. For bash this is done in the ~/.profile configuration.

To archive the same if you're using the fish shell, you should use set -U fish_user_paths $fish_user_paths /opt …

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Ansible Tower codebase released opensource by RedHat

Posted on So 10 September 2017 in Ansible

It took two years but now RedHat opensourced the code of Ansible Tower. Thats awesome! The Project is released on GitHub named Ansible AWX. Since Ansible itself was open source from beginning. The graphical user interface Tower was released under a closed source license until now.

Ansible is a very …

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Migrating my Blog to Pelican

Posted on Mo 28 August 2017 in Blogging

If you visited my Blog in the past, you may have noticed the design changes. It is not only the design that changed. I replaced the system for generating the Webpage.

Since I am a lacy guy I used Wordpress up to now. It was a better solution than the …

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Django still one of my most loved tools to get things done

Posted on Di 15 März 2016 in Python • Tagged with coding, Django, programming, Python

Since I never would call me a developer this is just a short article why I still love the Django framework for some years now.

Most of my daily work is done on the command line and with automated tasks since tools like Puppet and later Ansible got popular. For …

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