Build i3 improved tailing wm version 4.4 package for Fedora 17

Posted on Di 01 Januar 2013 in Fedora

While I tried to build the new i3 version 4.4 for Fedora I came over the problem that cairo seems to be build without xcb support in Fedora 17. I built a version of cairo with xcb enabled and a i3 4.4 rpm file for Fedora 17. You can install it via my Fedora 17 repository. Up to now there is only a x86_64 available.

Create a repository file:

sudo vim /etc/yum.repos.d/banym.repo

copy & paste:

name=Banym repository

Now update i3, i3status and your cairo version.

sudo yum --nogpgcheck update i3 i3status cairo i3lock

Because my packages are not signed up to now you need to use the --nogpgcheck option.

Thanks for the hint with i3lock. Now there is an i3lock version with cairo enabled, too.