Migrating my Blog to Pelican

Posted on Mon 28 August 2017 in Blogging

If you visited my Blog in the past, you may have noticed the design changes. It is not only the design that changed. I replaced the system for generating the Webpage.

Since I am a lacy guy I used Wordpress up to now. It was a better solution than the …

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Why should I run my own services?

Posted on Tue 26 August 2014 in Blogging • Tagged with email, infrastructure, Jabber, Tor

Even if you're not a familiar with configuring complex computer systems, there are easy ways to get started. Go to your local Linux User Group or search the web for groups in your town that help others with technical problems. Start to read blogs and tutorials about running an email …

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Security reviews became sexy nowadays, we need to make them happen

Posted on Fri 22 August 2014 in Blogging • Tagged with Open Source, security, source code

If you're interested in software security you will have noticed that there where some bigger  security problems with widely used software the last year. The attention this problems get in common media raised the last two years. We had some big security problems in the past as well, just remember …

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Migration in progress

Posted on Tue 29 July 2014 in Blogging

This post is mostly about the blog itself. As you may noticed I am migrated the blog to full HTTPS the last week. This now should allow you to access the site without any certification warnings over HTTPS. All contents should be migrated. There should be a working redirection mechanism …

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Why Mozilla should make money with advertisment?

Posted on Fri 21 February 2014 in Blogging • Tagged with Mozilla, Open Source

Last week I read some posts about Mozillas thoughts to sell space for advertisement in their Firefox Browser. Of course I don't like advertisements in the web. And of course I don't like apps with a lot of advertisement and much more I don't like to be tracked on every …

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How to publish an open source software?

Posted on Fri 25 May 2012 in Blogging • Tagged with foss, free software, opensource

There are millions of free and open source software available at the internet. Most are done by private persons in their spare time. Some bigger are supported by companies or organizations like the Apache foundation.

This blog post is about how and where you can publish your software source code …

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Posted on Fri 18 May 2012 in Blogging • Tagged with singint

This year I made it to the Sigint in Cologne/Germany. It is the third Sigint organized by the well known CCC (Chaos Computer Club). Since the congress at the end of the year in Berlin (28C3) became really big I am not so interested in it anymore. But Sigint …

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Why the free and open internet needs to be protected.

Posted on Fri 27 January 2012 in Blogging • Tagged with ACTA

This video explains in a very basic way the bad goal of ACTA. Help to inform more people about ACTA and help to stop it.

We want to have our free and open internet as it is and don't want to introduce this kinds of laws in this undemocratic way …

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Another explanation of Flattr

Posted on Mon 09 January 2012 in Blogging • Tagged with Flattr

Here again I found a wonderful video explanation about Flattr:

Would be nice if you join this nice idea and leave some bugs on each thing you enjoy on the internet. This micropayment system is a good thing to give something back to the people who helped you out with …

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Tor hosting project

Posted on Sun 28 August 2011 in Blogging • Tagged with Tor

Today I thought maybe some of you want to help the Tor project to work more efficient by running a bridge or a relay but you maybe don't have the resources or internet connection.

I would like to start a little survey if there is a need to do a …

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