Make the Fedora/CentOS/RHEL update service the fastest

Posted on Sun 06 April 2014 in CentOS • Tagged with Fedora, MQTT, yum

Since I played with some publish and subscribe protocols in the last months, I came to an idea to speed up the notification and delivery of software updates over the existing mechanism while reducing, or better optimizing, the needed resources.

Here a graphic to show what I try to implement …

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PDF and AI rendering problem with Centos 6 and Typo3

Posted on Sun 11 November 2012 in CentOS • Tagged with ghostscript, GraphicsMagick, typo3

It took me some time to fix a problem regarding the PDF and AI rendering in my typo3 instance. The install tools showed me that every image calculation was working  except PDF and AI. Next to the test within the install tool there is the command shown which worked fine …

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Install nginx on CentOS 6

Posted on Sun 22 January 2012 in CentOS • Tagged with CentOS, Nginx

If you want to have the latest version of nginx on your CentOS system the easiest way is to use the official yum repository from the nginx program. The version contained in the EPEL repository is quite old.

Download the repo RPM from …

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Change network device name from eth1 back to eth0.

Posted on Wed 20 July 2011 in CentOS • Tagged with CentOS, network, Virtualization

The interface name of a network device increases if the mac address of the physical or virtual network card changes. A common case is if you made a clone of a virtual machine for example via VMware or KVM or replaced a physical network card in a non virtualized server …

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Install OpenERP on CentOS 6.0 with Nginx HTTP Proxy

Posted on Fri 15 July 2011 in CentOS • Tagged with CentOS, erp, howto, Nginx, openerp, tutorial

This tutorial should help you with the installation process of OpenERP on CentOS 6.x.

I installed OpenERP server and the OpenERP webgui with a nginx http proxy on a CentOS 6.0.

First of all I installed minmal CentOS 6.0.

Login as root and process the following steps …

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CentOS 6 is out

Posted on Mon 11 July 2011 in CentOS • Tagged with CentOS

8 month after RHEL 6 was released the free clone CentOS 6 is released. It includes all new features and is binary compatible to Red Hats Enterprise Linux 6.

Based on Linux kernel 2.6.32 it includes for example PostgreSQL 8.4 and MySQL 5.1.

Like RedHat, the …

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Change default port of Jenkins on CentOS

Posted on Tue 14 June 2011 in CentOS • Tagged with CentOS, Jenkins

The Jenkins project provides a rpm installation repository for CentOS which installs Jenkins with some changed locations for configuration files.

If you want to change the default port for Jenkins you need to change the file /etc/sysconfig/jenkins


Change it to the port you want to use …

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Multi ip configuration on CentOS

Posted on Sun 24 April 2011 in CentOS • Tagged with CentOS, network

In Linux you can add additional network IP's to a network interface with aliases.

Your first interface name looks something like etho. If you add more additional addresses your alias will look some thing like eth0:0 for the first one and eht0:1 for the second and so on …

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Install KVM on CentOS

Posted on Tue 19 April 2011 in CentOS • Tagged with CentOS, KVM

How to install KVM virtualization technologie on CentOS 5.4. This Howto explains step by step how to install KVM and how to create a VirtualMachine using Virtual Manager GUI.

Before you install KVM you need to verify that your CPU is compatible.

One of the following keywords needs to …

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Install Nagios on CentOS

Posted on Tue 19 April 2011 in CentOS • Tagged with CentOS, Nagios

Install CentOS 5.3 using the Server template.

After you installed the system log in as root and run update the system:

yum update

If the kernel was updated reboot the system.

Now we have to include the rpmforge repository to install Nagios 3.0.x.
If you are …

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