How I did start using FreeBSD

Posted on Do 27 Dezember 2018 in FreeBSD • Tagged with FreeBSD

My start with FreeBSD on a DEC Alpha

When I was sorting out some old photos, I came over one showing my old Alpha 800. I found it at my father’s company when I was still in school. They didn't use it anymore back in that days and I …

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Review of my first FreeBSD Workshop in Landshut on 15 May 2015

Posted on So 17 Mai 2015 in FreeBSD • Tagged with FreeBSD,, workshop

Last Friday I held the first FreeBSD workshop in our new location in Landshut. It was a lot of fun for the 12 participant and me.

The first workshop introduced the FreeBSD basics and the installation procedure. It was a hands on workshop which means that everyone had …

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FreeBSD event in Landshut - Germany

Posted on Mo 13 April 2015 in FreeBSD • Tagged with FreeBSD, Installparty, workshop

Today I want to announce that I will organize a small FreeBSD workshop on 15 May 2015 in our new location in Landshut near Munich, Germany. The is a center of IT-companies and software developers. My company called BayCIX is one of the five founders of …

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Run KeePass with mono on FreeBSD 10.1

Posted on Fr 16 Januar 2015 in FreeBSD • Tagged with FreeBSD, KeePass, mono, security

Using a password safe can make the life much easier. You can store your passwords encrypted for each service and if you need a new password, there is a password generator included as well.

To have the same password safe on all Linux/Mac/BSD machines you can use KeePass …

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FreeBSD getting into development and make your own release to test changes

Posted on Mo 05 Januar 2015 in FreeBSD • Tagged with development, FreeBSD, FreeBSD CURRENT

When I installed FreeBSD, I stumbled over a bug with my T420. I now want to help fix it or to implement a workaround for my T420 to use it with gpt and ZFS-Root, Therefor  I needed to setup a development environment for FreeBSD on my Thinkpad. To make this …

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Create a screen recording on FreeBSD with kdenlive and external USB mic

Posted on So 04 Januar 2015 in FreeBSD • Tagged with audio, ffmpeg, FreeBSD, kdenlive, maya usb 22, microphone, oss, screen cast, video

This tutorial shows you how you can use kdenlive on FreeBSD to create a screen cast. I am using a Maya 22 USB to record speech from a Rode microphone. This works fine, too.

1. Install the software


If you have ffmpeg already installed you need to check if …

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FreeBSD 10.1 using UEFI

Posted on Fr 21 November 2014 in FreeBSD • Tagged with FreeBSD, KDE, kdm, nvidia, nvidia-driver, UEFI

This tutorial is about installing the latest stable FreeBSD 10.1 with UEFI and run a desktop with KDE with a NVIDIA video card.

Before Install

With my motherboard is does not work to boot UEFI if the CMS compatibly mode is turned off completely. Someone else second this problem …

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Install FreeBSD 10.1 or FreeBSD 11 - CURRENT on Thinkpad T420

Posted on Mi 15 Oktober 2014 in FreeBSD • Tagged with ACPI, FreeBSD, gpt, T420, Thinkpad T420, Xorg

This post is about installing FreeBSD 10.1 RC2 or FreeBSD 11 - CURRENT on a Thinkpad T420 with Intel graphics. This is for testing only up to now!

Work around the BIOS/UEFI bug:

The T420 comes with an unpatched BIOS/UEFI bug which prevents to boot from a default …

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Some more details howto configure your nginx server with SSL

Posted on Do 21 August 2014 in FreeBSD • Tagged with Nginx, openssl, ssl, tls

The guys from did a great job by putting together a tutorial with some more details on a proper Nginx configuration and a very good choice for SSL parameters. There where some parts I didn't know neither and the tutorial is create as always.

If you want to …

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Problem with booting pfSense from USB Stick

Posted on Fr 21 Februar 2014 in FreeBSD • Tagged with pfSense

On an appliance I reinstalled with pfSense I was facing a problem booting the system from an usb stick.

The system was not able to mount the partition correctly because it wasn't present at that time. For me this looks like a timing Problem. The system booted without a problem …

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