Try the HiveMQ MQTT broker on CentOS 6.x

Posted on Tue 18 June 2013 in IoT • Tagged with broker, CentOS, cluster, hivemq, m2m, MQTT, server

What is MQTT?

MQTT is the short name for MQ Telemetry Transport. It is a TCP based protocol which implements the publish and subscribe pattern. While the pubish and subscribe method became popular these days for mobile devices MQTT is one of the protocols becoming more and more popular. Actually …

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First very basic MQTT Mac App

Posted on Sun 22 July 2012 in IoT • Tagged with Mac, MQTT

Since I had to bring my self up to speed with all this fancy M2M stuff our developers doing right now I started a small project by my own to learn something about MQTT and M2M communication.

My application is a very basic Objective-C application for Mac based on the …

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