Turn splash screen off and remove it from initrd on Fedora 20

Posted on Sa 23 August 2014 in Linux • Tagged with boot, boot splash, Fedora, initrd, plymouth, splash

To remove the splash screen on Fedora and boot up with details run:

sudo plymouth-set-default-theme details

For me on Fedora 20 it did not work out of the box:

sudo plymouth-set-default-theme details --rebuild-initrd

The new created initrd go the name initrd-3.15.6-200.img and not initramfs-3.15.6-200.fc20 …

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Quake style terminal for KDE

Posted on So 17 August 2014 in Linux • Tagged with KDE, Fedora

A quite useful extension for my KDE application is **yakuake**. In my default configuration this shows a terminal window by pressing F12 button and hides the windows by pressing it again. This is widely known as the Quake terminal style from the game which had this behaviour included for its …

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Rip CD to FLAC file using K3b on Fedora

Posted on So 06 April 2014 in Linux • Tagged with Fedora, FLAC

If you want to rip your cd without loosing quality you can use the flac format to do so. K3b comes with a FLAC plugin but the flac encoder itself was missing on my Fedora 20 machine. Just install it and you will be able to rip your cd to …

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Upgrade/Reinstall from Fedora 19 to Fedora 20

Posted on Sa 04 Januar 2014 in Linux • Tagged with Fedora, Linux, upgrade

Fedora LogoSince the Fedora 20 release called Heisenbug is now some weeks old and the first updates are available I decided to update my Thinkpad. As described in older posts I prefer to reinstall the system partition and only keep my /home partition which contains all my stuff.

This time I …

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Upgrade/Reinstall from Fedora17 to Fedora19

Posted on So 18 August 2013 in Linux • Tagged with Fedora

Fedora Logo

Some weeks ago I finally reinstalled my Lenovo T-500 with Fedora 19 since Fedora 17 is end of life now. For Fedora 17 I built my own version of some packages like the i3wm tailing window manager. Fedora 18 and the new Fedora 19 include an actual i3wm with cairo …

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Remove the last installed packages

Posted on Sa 23 Februar 2013 in Linux • Tagged with Fedora, yum

While I planed to install Skype on my 64bit Fedora machine I had to install a lot of i686 packages which I want to delete after I came to the conclusion Skype is not worth to be installed if they are not able to build a 64bit package.

To remove …

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Secure your browsing in a non trusted (wifi) network

Posted on Fr 03 Februar 2012 in Linux • Tagged with CentOS, OpenVPN, Linux

As I wrote in an older post there is a simple solution using ssh to tunnel your webbrowser traffic through an ssh connection to a secure and trusted endpoint. This is a very simple solution to secure your access to the web while you are in a public wifi network …

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Problem getting connection with nx client

Posted on Sa 21 Januar 2012 in Linux • Tagged with freenx, nx

The NX protocol is a remote X protocol and software quite similar to VNC but over ssh.

While using it for a machine there was this strange behavior that the session was not working anymore and can't be reestablished. Reinstalling and configuring the nx server software didn't fix the problem …

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ssh -X doesn't work on CentOS

Posted on Do 13 Oktober 2011 in Linux • Tagged with CentOS, security, SSH

If you installed the server without GUI it may is useful sometimes to have a GUI output via ssh on an different computer.

You can connect with ssh to the server and present the output on you local machine by using ssh with the option -X. You need to be …

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Install Grub bootloader from live cd

Posted on Sa 09 Juli 2011 in Linux • Tagged with Grub, Linux

Grub is the default bootloader for the most popular Linux distributions. The installation procedure is not so easy if you're not familiar with the concept behind it.

After a restore or copy of a system to a new harddisk the bootloader needs to be reinstalled to this new disk. If …

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