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Import self signed certificate on Windows

If you run your ssl services like Email or internal Websites with self signed certificates you may want to get rid of the certification warning because your certificate is not signed by an official authority.

First generate a certificate which can be imported by Windows from your CA file:

openssl x509 -in <pathtoyourcafile> -outform DER -out ca.cer

This ca.cer file can now be imported as trusted root certificate authority. It is your own CA you trust here, so keep your CA keyfile save and secure. Now all certificates generated and signed by this CA will be accepted by your browser and Email program without showing further certification warnings. Some software uses there own certificate management, for example Firefox or Thunderbird. For this tools you need to import the CA certificate as well because they don’t ask the Windows certificate management.



Problem with deleting email in Exchange server

Had some problems on an Exchange server with deleting some special messages. The email was shown like all others but it was not able to delete the email. After some research and testing it finally worked by enabling the Cache-Mode in one Outlook client connected to the mailbox synchronizing it and deleting the message.

Maybe this short description help someone with the same problem. You can contact me if you need more information but because it is a customers server and environment I will not provide more information about configuration or screenshots.