iTerm2 a tool you must have

Posted on Thu 04 August 2011 in misc • Tagged with console, iTerm, iTerm2, Lion, Mac, Mac OS X 10.7, Mac OS X Lion

iTerm2 Logo

I was using iTerm since I bought my Mac and was very happy with the tool. It is stable and worked well for me. It has nice features like full screen mode on Snow Leopard but after the update to Mac OS X 10.7 alias Lion the full screen …

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Virtualization in general, for technicans and business people.

Posted on Wed 27 April 2011 in misc • Tagged with KVM, server consolidating, Virtualization, VMware, Xen

In this article I will explain what is meant by the buzzword Virtualization and how this can improve your IT environment in the VMware/XEN/KVM context.

One thing which Virtualization is not, it's magic. Many consultants are trying to explain it's as a total new technology and big improvement …

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Setup bridge device on CentOS

Posted on Tue 19 April 2011 in misc • Tagged with CentOS, KVM

Howto setup a bridge device on CentOS or Fedora.

If you need to bring your KVM VM's into the same local area network like your host is in you need to configure a bridge device.

  1. Install all needed packages:

    yum install bridge-utils

    yum install tunctl

  2. Disable NetworkManager and enable network …

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