Install pljava on OpenSuSE

Install SUN/Oracle JDK and PostgreSQL via zypper or Yast.

Download pljava here

Create a directory for example /usr/src/pljava and extract pljava there.

create /etc/ with this two lines in it if your using i386 cpu architecture.


now you have to run:


edit /var/lib/pgsql/data/postgresql.conf and add this two lines

custom_variable_classes = 'pljava'
pljava.classpath = '/usr/lib/postgresql/pljava.jar'

copy /usr/src/pljava/pljava.jar and /usr/src/pljava/ to /usr/lib/postgresql/

cp /usr/src/pljava/pljava.jar /usr/lib/postgresql/
cp /usr/src/pljava/ /usr/lib/postgresql/

restart postgres service:

rcpostgres restart

apply the install.sql:

su postgres -c "/usr/bin/psql -d template1 -f /usr/src/pljava/install.sql"

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4 thoughts on “Install pljava on OpenSuSE

    1. Banym Post author

      Hi Tonny,

      yes of course i am fine with it. Nice post you wrote. Hope this will save a lot of time for some people out there.



  1. Rick

    I am a beginner and I tried installing pljava in postgres9.2.
    There are a few issues which has made my day horrible
    1.I am not able to find any .so files
    2.I dont find any posstgresql.conf
    so instead of the edit /var/lib/pgsql/data/postgresql.conf i have edited the one from opt/psql/data

    Kindly help me out…This might be a crazy question as a beginner i dont know how to proceed..thanks in advance


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