Install Eclipse CDT on Windows 7

How to install Eclipse CDT on Windows 7.

First of all we need a c++ compiler for Windows. The most popular c++ compiler is mingw. You can download it on the sourceforge project page.

We need 2 packages from this page.

1. mingw installer

2. minsys installer

First step is to install mingw.

Just follow the Wizzard step by step. If you want to add some additional features like other compilers choose them when asked. If not the default values should work as shown here step by step.

Select the following packages. This is just my selection. If you need some additional packages feel free to select them. But if you want to do only C++ this selection is enough.

Install MINSYS.

Set correct system variables.

You need add some values to your system variables. If you never have done this just follow the process shown below.

Open your Contorl Panel:

Scroll down and search for the Path variable and click edit.

Edit the Path-Variable. Add the highlighted values: “C:\mysys\1.o\bin” and “C:\mingw\bin” separated by semicolons as shown in the next screenshot.

Now we are ready to start Eclipse. If you have Eclipse already in use you need only to install the CDT plugin. If you don’t use Eclipse yet, dowload the CDT – Version from eclipse projekt page. Now start Eclipse and create a new C++ Hello World Projekt.




20 thoughts on “Install Eclipse CDT on Windows 7

  1. Peter Frey

    Thanks a bunch, Banym! I worked on trying to get CDT working in Win 7 for about 3 hours before finding this post, and I’m not sure I would have gotten it done without you!

  2. André Silva

    Thanks for the tutorial. However, the direct links are broken.

    You need to go to ptoject website, and click the big download button (download mingw-get-inst-). It also includes the minsys, make sure you select it when installing Mingw.

    The minsys is installed inside Mingw folder (c:\mingw\minsys), so don’t forget to change this on the PATH as well.

  3. guillaume

    You should comment pictures. I don’t know if we need to add a new variable system or to edit one. You should write it clearly.

    1. Banym Post author


      you need to add the values to the PATH variable. This variable should already exist. Just add the shown values at the end.



  4. guillaume

    And what is the value of this variable ? I don’t understand it so your tutorial wasn’t usefull for me.

    1. Banym Post author


      as shown in the screenshot you need to add two values at the end of the existing string separated by semicolons.

      “C:\mysys\1.o\bin” and “C:\mingw\bin”

      Hope this is more clear.



  5. Yonatan

    I tried this many times and only this tutorial helped me. Thanks.
    Two things
    1 When instaling MinGW you should ask for new updates.
    2. the minsys should be installed with the minGW and is calls MSYS.. you should update the path to include also

    Thanks again

  6. Long Quoc

    When I first try to run the Hello World Program, I get this error: “Launch failed.binary not found”.
    Help me


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