First very basic MQTT Mac App

Posted on Sun 22 July 2012 in IoT

Since I had to bring my self up to speed with all this fancy M2M stuff our developers doing right now I started a small project by my own to learn something about MQTT and M2M communication.

My application is a very basic Objective-C application for Mac based on the Eclipse PAHO library. This library is open source and implements the MQTT protocol.  I am not a very good and experienced programmer please feel free to implement this in a better and smartert way. My few lines of code are free for use on github and open source under the Apache License.

To test this application I am hosting a public mosquitto broker sponsored by BayCIX running a nice mqtt-dashboard to monitoring what is going on on the broker developed by a colleague of mine at dc-square.

Here what it looks like up to know after a few hours of coding:

SimpleMessage MQTT Client v0.1.1

Future releases will be more generic and with some more preferences to test MQTT and the broker in a more experienced way:

  • SSL encryption
  • User authentication
  • Connection options
  • Basic performance measuring

Update v0.1.5

New version with some bug fixes and some small enhancements released.

SimpleMessage MQTT Mac OS X Client

Download SimpleMessage v0.1.5 here.