Run KeePass with mono on FreeBSD 10.1

Using a password safe can make the life much easier. You can store your passwords encrypted for each service and if you need a new password, there is a password generator included as well.

To have the same password safe on all Linux/Mac/BSD machines you can use KeePass. It is a mono based software. O.k is not sexy but does its job quite well.

Install dependencies for KeePass on FreeBSD 10.1

pkg install mono libgdiplus

Download KeePass

Download the KeePass portable version!

Download KeePass for FreeBSD



Run KeePass

After you extracted KeePass to the place you want, run it with mono:

mono KeePass.exe

or use your file browser to execute the KeePass.exe file with mono. This works for me with dolphin in KDE.

KeePass with mono on FreeBSD 10.1

Hope this helps to make your life easier with managing passwords.

One bad thing is that KeeFox seems not to be working on FreeBSD, yet. KeeFox is a nice integration into your Firefox browser to automatically fill forms with the stored password for that site. I didn’t investigate maybe you have some time to find an alternative or make it work on FreeBSD.

6 thoughts on “Run KeePass with mono on FreeBSD 10.1

  1. Sam Ask

    I have been testing PC-BSD, and Firefox runs well there. Perhaps you could install it and look on how they manage to run it, or, you could look at their repository?

    1. Dominik Zajac Post author

      Hi Sam,

      did you mean KeeFox or Firefox itself? Firefox runs fine on FreeBSD, too. What I tried to mention is that the extenstion installation of KeeFox failed on my system. But if Keefox is working on PC-BSD I will investigate how they made it working. Beside this PC-BSD is a good alternative to setup the system.

      Thx and regards,


  2. Claus Conrad

    I tried this on PC-BSD 10.1, unfortunately “mono” is not available as a binary package here:

    % sudo pkg install mono
    pkg-static: No packages available to install matching 'mono' have been found in the repositories

    I wonder if they removed it from PC-BSD or also from FreeBSD – it is still in ports, but fails to build for me :/

    1. Dominik Zajac Post author

      Hi Claus,

      for me it worked last week on my laptop. I am not sure about PC-BSD binaries but I think they have it, too.

      What does pkg search mono reply?
      What error causes mono to build on your machine?

      I think Kris Moore would be interested in that errors if they stop you from using KeePass on PC-BSD.



  3. rakslice

    Is there some requirement or step that you didn’t mention here? I’m trying to do exactly this on FreeBSD 10.1 amd64, and I always get:

    $ mono KeePass.exe

    Unhandled Exception:
    System.TypeInitializationException: An exception was thrown by the type initializer for System.Windows.Forms.XplatUI ---> System.TypeInitializationException: An exception was thrown by the type initializer for System.Drawing.GDIPlus ---> System.DllNotFoundException:

    I’ve tried using the old instead of the current 2.29, making a symlink for /usr/local/lib/ in /usr/lib, putting the absolute paths in the DllMap in /usr/local/etc/mono/config, and still I the exception.


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