Import self signed certificate on Windows

Posted on Sat 15 March 2014 in Windows • Tagged with openssl, Windows, Microsoft

If you run your ssl services like Email or internal Websites with self signed certificates you may want to get rid of the certification warning because your certificate is not signed by an official authority.

First generate a certificate which can be imported by Windows from your CA file:

openssl …

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Problem with booting pfSense from USB Stick

Posted on Fri 21 February 2014 in FreeBSD • Tagged with pfSense

On an appliance I reinstalled with pfSense I was facing a problem booting the system from an usb stick.

The system was not able to mount the partition correctly because it wasn't present at that time. For me this looks like a timing Problem. The system booted without a problem …

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Why Mozilla should make money with advertisment?

Posted on Fri 21 February 2014 in Blogging • Tagged with Mozilla, Open Source

Last week I read some posts about Mozillas thoughts to sell space for advertisement in their Firefox Browser. Of course I don't like advertisements in the web. And of course I don't like apps with a lot of advertisement and much more I don't like to be tracked on every …

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Latest kernel did not appear to be installed correctly in Fedora 20

Posted on Fri 31 January 2014 in Fedora • Tagged with kernel, security update, yum

Due to a known bug in Fedora 20 with some selinux updates I recognized a connected problem on my machine. While updating some packages I found this message:

Security: kernel-3.12.8-300.fc20.x86_64 is an installed security update
Security: kernel-3.12.7-300.fc20.x86_64 is the currently running version …

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Qt Creator problem on Fedora 20: couldn't find IGL

Posted on Thu 16 January 2014 in Fedora, Programming, Qt • Tagged with Fedora, mesa, qt

To fix the "couldn't find IGL" error you probably get after installing Qt 5.2 package on Fedora 20 and you try to compile the first project, you should install the missing mesa package by running the following install command as root or using sudo:

sudo yum install mesa-libGL-devel -y …

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Problems with missing locale files on Fedora 20 made libvirtd service not starting

Posted on Wed 15 January 2014 in Fedora • Tagged with Fedora, KVM, libvirtd, locale

Since I am using Fedora 20 now for a while on two machines I came over some smaller bugs with my configuration.

I installed my systems using the KDE spin and installed with en_US language but a german keyboard layout. It looks like something after installation on my workstation did …

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Upgrade/Reinstall from Fedora 19 to Fedora 20

Posted on Sat 04 January 2014 in Linux • Tagged with Fedora, Linux, upgrade

Fedora LogoSince the Fedora 20 release called Heisenbug is now some weeks old and the first updates are available I decided to update my Thinkpad. As described in older posts I prefer to reinstall the system partition and only keep my /home partition which contains all my stuff.

This time I …

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Experiences with the Raspberry Pi

Posted on Sun 25 August 2013 in ArchLinux • Tagged with Arch Linux, raspberry pi, SSH, x11

Raspberry Pi LogoUseful configurations, tools and more for the Raspberry Pi

Finally found some time to write down some of my first experiences with my Raspberry Pi. I own some of this devices to play with them and use them for home server and run them with Linux to make things easier …

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Upgrade/Reinstall from Fedora17 to Fedora19

Posted on Sun 18 August 2013 in Linux • Tagged with Fedora

Fedora Logo

Some weeks ago I finally reinstalled my Lenovo T-500 with Fedora 19 since Fedora 17 is end of life now. For Fedora 17 I built my own version of some packages like the i3wm tailing window manager. Fedora 18 and the new Fedora 19 include an actual i3wm with cairo …

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Try the HiveMQ MQTT broker on CentOS 6.x

Posted on Tue 18 June 2013 in IoT • Tagged with broker, CentOS, cluster, hivemq, m2m, MQTT, server

What is MQTT?

MQTT is the short name for MQ Telemetry Transport. It is a TCP based protocol which implements the publish and subscribe pattern. While the pubish and subscribe method became popular these days for mobile devices MQTT is one of the protocols becoming more and more popular. Actually …

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