Install ntop on CentOS

Posted on Di 19 April 2011 in CentOS

Install rpmforge repository:

There is an ntop rpm in the rpmforge repository:

yum install ntop

There is a bug in the /etc/init.d/ntop startscript we need to fix. Open the file in your favorite editor for example vim:

vim /etc/init.d/ntop

change the line at start function from:

daemon $prog -d -L @/etc/ntop.conf

daemon $prog @/etc/ntop.conf -d -L

first time you start ntop you need to set the admin password:

ntop @/etc/ntop.conf

you should now be able to start ntop deamon via:

service ntop start

if you want to start ntop at boot:

chkconfig --levels 35 ntop on

webinterface is running on http port 3000 and https on port 3001:


Please note ntop is using alot of systemresources. Check if it's not to much for your smal virtualserver before you start tracing all the traffic.