Interesting project for space nerds

Posted on Sun 31 December 2023 in Space

At this year's 37c3, a talk by two members of the Libre Space Foundation (LSF) caught my attention. The story of how they prepared their own open-design satellites and launched them into space was fun to hear. They developed a lot of tools to make the development possible. They used OSS software and hardware for the process and published all their work.

As I am also into space stuff, I will definitely have a look at their work.

Perhaps you would like to operate your own observing antenna? The satnogs project operates a network of many ground stations as a network. You can be part of the project with your ground station. The wiki has all the documentation you need to build and operate your station.

Check out their website! If you like the project, spread the word and help out if you can. Space development, space hacking is a fun thing to do and we need young people in this field.