Add button to Finder for open iTerm or Terminal here

A very useful addon for Finder on Mac OS X is the cdto application. It’s a very basic gadget which helps you open a terminal in the current opened folder. When I am navigating through my filesystem for example browsing a folder of sourcecode or reviewing an extracted tarball you want to have a terminal with an shell opened at the current destination. This little tool helps you to do this. It supports iTerm2 and the default Terminal of course. Download it here.


finder with cdto included

2 thoughts on “Add button to Finder for open iTerm or Terminal here

  1. AJ

    Works well! In El Capitan, to get the button to appear on the finder window, you have to cmd+drag the executable from the /Applications directory to the top bar of finder to get it to stay there though. Wasn’t mentioned in the README, only found it in one of the issues on Github.


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