Gimp 2.8 for Mac

Gimp 2.8.0 is available for Mac OS X now.

You need to have XQuartz installed on your Mac for the new Gimp version.

Why should you upgrade to Gimp 2.8 ? For me there is one major change I am waiting for years now. The one window mode. Gimp uses X11 and on Mac OS X the multi window tool boxes don’t have a good useability.

If you want to have the one-window-mode your default mode. Open Gimp got to Windows -> Single-Window Mode.

Gimp 2.8 on Mac OS X Lion

2 thoughts on “Gimp 2.8 for Mac

  1. William Mitlyng

    I have been looking an Xsoftware for a long time. I look back on the happy days of an ubiquitous X programming environment.
    Now all I want to do is copy from X to desktop
    and back. I would rather avoid the cutesey Linux implementations. If I give offense, I just
    want a bare bones implementation that requires the memory systems in ’94 required.


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