Huawei UMTS USB stick with Snow Leopard and Lion

Howto make the Huawei E176 USB UMTS Stick running with Snow Leopard Mac OS X 10.6. Update: I am actually running Mac OS X 10.7 alias Lion on my Macbook Pro and it still works with the new driver for Snow Leopard on the Huawei website.

I bought an USB UTMS Stick from Huawei and tried to install it on Mac OS X 10.6  this didn’t work because the delivered software called MobileConnect doesn’t run on Snow Leopard anymore. Update: Here you can find a new Version of Huawei tools for Snow Leopard and Lion:

I found an interessting tool called lauchn2net but it costs about 50$ and that’s too much just for configuring the umts stick.


So i took a closer look to the MobileConnect package and found a way to use the driver and configure the connection the right way manually.


1. You need to connect your USB – Stick

2. Filer opens a window

3. Copy MobileConnect to you desktop

4. right click and show package content

5. navigate to the driver pkg like on the screenshot

6. install driver this should work

7. create new network Location

8. add you Huawei Device

9. copy the driver package to you desktop, too

10. right click and show package content

11. navigate to the configuration file of your provider

12. enter the data into the Huawei configuration and enjoy

13. be sure to set the values in advanced configuration like i did here

For me it did work only using this ppp values but i am not sure if this was an provider dependend issue.

10 thoughts on “Huawei UMTS USB stick with Snow Leopard and Lion

  1. Kalle


    Are you running 32 or 64-bit kernel?
    I have been searching for 64-driver for huawei USB stick. If you are running 64-bit kernel, could you post the driver you are using somewhere (e.g. dropbox)?


  2. fajer

    Hi there,

    Im about to upgrade from mac snow leopard to lion (10.7) and im afraid that my huawei usb stick wont work. you mentioned that you’re using the same stick on os x lion and i was wondering if you could send me detailed instruction on how to use my huawei E1800 for use on the new lion os …

    1. Banym Post author

      Hi Fajer,

      I installed the driver like showon in the tutorial and simply upgraded to Lion. After upgrade my stick was still working. I will test if the installation process still is working with a fresh Lion. But there is no guarantee if it works with your stick the same way. Be careful make a full backup for example with Timemachine so if it doesn’t work it’s no problem to restore your Snow Leopard installation.



  3. Susobhan Dutta

    i want to use my Huawei E176 in Fedora 12. how can i do that. The Data card doesn’t have any setup for Fedora or Linux. please help me


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