Migration in progress

Posted on Tue 29 July 2014 in Blogging

This post is mostly about the blog itself. As you may noticed I am migrated the blog to full HTTPS the last week. This now should allow you to access the site without any certification warnings over HTTPS. All contents should be migrated. There should be a working redirection mechanism to redirect you to the HTTPS site as well. At this point I recommend the HTTPS Everywhere plugin which does automatic redirection on other sites: https://www.eff.org/https-everywhere

It is just a small step and don't feel to secure only because you are accessing sites through HTTPS.

The next days I will update the server to support all state of the art HTTPS versions. So if you have trouble to access the site in future please check your device does not contain a broken implementation as I will not support known broken or vulnerable implementations.

Have fun and use cryptography.