Problem booting OpenSuSE 11.4 with error "Bug: SoftLookup"

Posted on Mon 27 June 2011 in Linux

On a desktop machine I updated from OpenSuSE 11.1 to 11.4 there appeared some strange boot problems after installation.

The system freezes each time directly after grub and the only message I got in textmode was "Bug: SoftLookup". First I thought maybe there are hardware problems but the machine worked before and using a live cd everything was fine.

The Failsafe boot option still worked to bring me into the system and I played with the boot parameters to see what option makes the boot possible for the Failsafe option. In my case it was nosmp which disables the multiprocessor configuration. Booting a multiprocessor machine with only one processor wasn't the solution I was looking for. Then I came over this nice forum entryand I tried his solution by adding the i915 kernel module to my initrd and it worked! Of course I checked before if there is a device using this kernel module.

Just follow the description in the forum post how you can add the i915 module to your initrd permanently.