Posted on Sat 09 July 2011 in About

This page should give you an overview of projects I am working on.

Sinatra, ActiveRecord, shotgun and tmux project skeleton

With my Sinatra project skeleton I try to maintain my quick and dirty Ruby hacks for simple web apps I need for my daily work and private projects. Maybe I find some time to write some basic documentation on how to start a project with Sinatra. Here the link to the repository:


SimpleMessage is a very basic MQTT publishing client for Mac OS X. It's designed to simulate multiple devices and send MQTT messages to a broker. This gadget is mainly for developers to test  there MQTT applications and broker. Code is hosted on github:


OSGi + ADempiere ERP = iDempiere

This combination and reimplementation of ADempiere ERP one of the leading open source ERP systems is a big innovation. Mainly developed by Heng Sin Low and Calros Ruiz this project is another milestone for open source ERP systems.


The well known open source ERP System based on Compiere. The project was founded as friendly fork in 2006 by some frustrated implementors and developers.

Project Wiki:

NeMo (obsolete):

With NeMo I created a software appliance with an installed Nagios / NagioSQL based on CentOS. This project is a total spare time project. If you want to join this effort give me a hint. Maybe I will give it a more professional focus for the future.