Problems with missing locale files on Fedora 20 made libvirtd service not starting

Posted on Wed 15 January 2014 in Fedora • Tagged with Fedora, KVM, libvirtd, locale

Since I am using Fedora 20 now for a while on two machines I came over some smaller bugs with my configuration.

I installed my systems using the KDE spin and installed with en_US language but a german keyboard layout. It looks like something after installation on my workstation did …

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Upgrade/Reinstall from Fedora 19 to Fedora 20

Posted on Sat 04 January 2014 in Linux • Tagged with Fedora, Linux, upgrade

Fedora LogoSince the Fedora 20 release called Heisenbug is now some weeks old and the first updates are available I decided to update my Thinkpad. As described in older posts I prefer to reinstall the system partition and only keep my /home partition which contains all my stuff.

This time I …

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Upgrade/Reinstall from Fedora17 to Fedora19

Posted on Sun 18 August 2013 in Linux • Tagged with Fedora

Fedora Logo

Some weeks ago I finally reinstalled my Lenovo T-500 with Fedora 19 since Fedora 17 is end of life now. For Fedora 17 I built my own version of some packages like the i3wm tailing window manager. Fedora 18 and the new Fedora 19 include an actual i3wm with cairo …

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i3 tiling window manager version 4.5 released

Posted on Wed 13 March 2013 in Fedora • Tagged with i3, i3wm, rpm, window manager, Fedora, Linux


The new version 4.5 of i3 and i3status 2.7 is available for Fedora 17 over my repository. Short how to update i3wm on Fedora17 can be found here.

The detailed release notes are available here:

If your using Fedora 18 there …

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Remove the last installed packages

Posted on Sat 23 February 2013 in Linux • Tagged with Fedora, yum

While I planed to install Skype on my 64bit Fedora machine I had to install a lot of i686 packages which I want to delete after I came to the conclusion Skype is not worth to be installed if they are not able to build a 64bit package.

To remove …

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Configure Trackpoint scrolling permanent in Fedora 17, Fedora 18, Fedora 19, Fedora 20

Posted on Fri 04 January 2013 in Fedora • Tagged with Fedora, thinkpad, Trackpoint

I used gpointing-device-settings tool to configure my trackpoint scrolling but the changes where not persistent and so I had to configure it manually.

Create /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/01-trackpoint.conf:

Section "InputClass"
 Identifier     "Wheel Emulation"
 MatchIsPointer "on"
 MatchProduct   "TrackPoint"
 Option         "EmulateWheelButton" "2"
 Option "EmulateWheel" "on"

After restarting X …

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Build i3 improved tailing wm version 4.4 package for Fedora 17

Posted on Tue 01 January 2013 in Fedora • Tagged with Fedora, i3, i3status, rpm

While I tried to build the new i3 version 4.4 for Fedora I came over the problem that cairo seems to be build without xcb support in Fedora 17. I built a version of cairo with xcb enabled and a i3 4.4 rpm file for Fedora 17. You …

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Add mp3 support for Fedora 17

Posted on Wed 14 November 2012 in Fedora • Tagged with Fedora, mp3, rpmforge

Because of licensing reasons there are is no codex for the mp3 format included in Fedora by default.  If you want to play mp3 files you need the following additional packages:

gstreamer-plugins-ugly gstreamer-plugins-bad gstreamer-ffmpeg

This packages are available in the RPMForge repository. Install this two RPMForge repositories:

rpm -Uvh http …

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Easy way to use Tor on Mac OS X and Linux

Posted on Tue 02 August 2011 in Mac • Tagged with Fedora, Linux, Mac, mac os x, privacy, Tor

If you want to use Tor on your Mac OS X or Linux there is a new bundle you can easy use. The bundle includes all necessary tools and a preconfigured Firefox with the necessary plugin.

Up to now the Tor Browser Bundleis still beta but for me it …

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Upgrade Fedora 14 to 15

Posted on Wed 25 May 2011 in Linux • Tagged with Fedora, upgrade

This time I upgraded my Fedora just after being released by the Fedora team. It looks like there is a little masochist in my head. But to be fair the Fedora release team did quite a good job with their upgrade mechanism. The system was installed with a Fedora 13 …

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