How I did start using FreeBSD

Posted on Do 27 Dezember 2018 in FreeBSD • Tagged with FreeBSD

My start with FreeBSD on a DEC Alpha

When I was sorting out some old photos, I came over one showing my old Alpha 800. I found it at my father’s company when I was still in school. They didn't use it anymore back in that days and I …

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Review of my first FreeBSD Workshop in Landshut on 15 May 2015

Posted on So 17 Mai 2015 in FreeBSD • Tagged with FreeBSD,, workshop

Last Friday I held the first FreeBSD workshop in our new location in Landshut. It was a lot of fun for the 12 participant and me.

The first workshop introduced the FreeBSD basics and the installation procedure. It was a hands on workshop which means that everyone had …

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FreeBSD event in Landshut - Germany

Posted on Mo 13 April 2015 in FreeBSD • Tagged with FreeBSD, Installparty, workshop

Today I want to announce that I will organize a small FreeBSD workshop on 15 May 2015 in our new location in Landshut near Munich, Germany. The is a center of IT-companies and software developers. My company called BayCIX is one of the five founders of …

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Run KeePass with mono on FreeBSD 10.1

Posted on Fr 16 Januar 2015 in FreeBSD • Tagged with FreeBSD, KeePass, mono, security

Using a password safe can make the life much easier. You can store your passwords encrypted for each service and if you need a new password, there is a password generator included as well.

To have the same password safe on all Linux/Mac/BSD machines you can use KeePass …

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FreeBSD getting into development and make your own release to test changes

Posted on Mo 05 Januar 2015 in FreeBSD • Tagged with development, FreeBSD, FreeBSD CURRENT

When I installed FreeBSD, I stumbled over a bug with my T420. I now want to help fix it or to implement a workaround for my T420 to use it with gpt and ZFS-Root, Therefor  I needed to setup a development environment for FreeBSD on my Thinkpad. To make this …

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Create a screen recording on FreeBSD with kdenlive and external USB mic

Posted on So 04 Januar 2015 in FreeBSD • Tagged with audio, ffmpeg, FreeBSD, kdenlive, maya usb 22, microphone, oss, screen cast, video

This tutorial shows you how you can use kdenlive on FreeBSD to create a screen cast. I am using a Maya 22 USB to record speech from a Rode microphone. This works fine, too.

1. Install the software


If you have ffmpeg already installed you need to check if …

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FreeBSD 10.1 using UEFI

Posted on Fr 21 November 2014 in FreeBSD • Tagged with FreeBSD, KDE, kdm, nvidia, nvidia-driver, UEFI

This tutorial is about installing the latest stable FreeBSD 10.1 with UEFI and run a desktop with KDE with a NVIDIA video card.

Before Install

With my motherboard is does not work to boot UEFI if the CMS compatibly mode is turned off completely. Someone else second this problem …

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Install FreeBSD 10.1 or FreeBSD 11 - CURRENT on Thinkpad T420

Posted on Mi 15 Oktober 2014 in FreeBSD • Tagged with ACPI, FreeBSD, gpt, T420, Thinkpad T420, Xorg

This post is about installing FreeBSD 10.1 RC2 or FreeBSD 11 - CURRENT on a Thinkpad T420 with Intel graphics. This is for testing only up to now!

Work around the BIOS/UEFI bug:

The T420 comes with an unpatched BIOS/UEFI bug which prevents to boot from a default …

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Install nginx on FreeBSD

Posted on Sa 23 April 2011 in FreeBSD • Tagged with FreeBSD, Nginx

nginx logo

Nginx is a real fast and easy to configure webserver. It can work in proxy mode like squid and handles much traffic nicely.

If you want to install this great webserver on FreeBSD just use the ports collection and run the following commands:

cd /usr/ports/www/nginx

make install …

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FreeBSD powerfull, stable and nice

Posted on Mi 20 April 2011 in FreeBSD • Tagged with FreeBSD

Linux became the standard operation system for servers in the Internet over the last years. Most web server, gateways or mail server are built on this stable and well developed OS. But there is an


other giant in the backround working. FreeBSD has an long history and is known for …

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