The (r)evolution has begun: OSGi + ADempiere = iDempiere

Posted on Wed 27 April 2011 in iDempiere • Tagged with ADempiere, iDempiere, Java, OSGi

What is iDempiere?

This project mainly driven by Low Heng Sin and Carlos Ruiz the main developer and head of development of ADempiere project for 4 years  looks like to be created to bring the development around an OSGi implementation of ADempiere done by Heng Sing Low to a stable …

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Install SUN/Oracle JDK on CentOS or Fedora

Posted on Tue 19 April 2011 in CentOS • Tagged with CentOS, Java, JDK

1. Download SUN or now Oracle JDK (.rpm.bin format) from Oracle Website:

  1. make .bin file executeable
chmod +x <file>.rpm.bin
  1. run the installer
  1. link the installed jdk into your environment
alternatives --install /usr/bin/java …

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