Introducing some tools to the ADempiere and iDempiere project for better quality management

Posted on Fr 14 Oktober 2011 in ADempiere • Tagged with ADempiere, Jenkins

In every software development project there is the need for quality assurance and quality management for the code. To make this work more efficient there exist a big number of tools to do this task.

For the ADempiere and iDempiere project I was working together with Redhuan ( on …

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Change default port of Jenkins on CentOS

Posted on Di 14 Juni 2011 in CentOS • Tagged with CentOS, Jenkins

The Jenkins project provides a rpm installation repository for CentOS which installs Jenkins with some changed locations for configuration files.

If you want to change the default port for Jenkins you need to change the file /etc/sysconfig/jenkins


Change it to the port you want to use …

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