Install Eclipse C/C++ Juno on Mac OS X

Posted on Sat 07 July 2012 in Mac • Tagged with C++, Eclipse, Mac, mac os x, programming


This tutorial will explain how to install and use Eclipse C/C++ with Mac OS X. I wrote a tutorial for Windows 7 some time ago because you need to install some additional software to be able to compile your programs. With Mac OS X this should be more …

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Installing VMware ovftool on Mac OS X

Posted on Sun 08 January 2012 in Mac • Tagged with converting, fusion, mac os x, ova, ovf, Virtualization, vmx

VMware offers a free tool to convert virtual machine files in different formats for example from .vmx to .ovf.

This tool can be used to convert:

VMX -> vSphere

Or you can deploy a OVF directly to a ESX host. It's  more powerful than it …

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Easy way to use Tor on Mac OS X and Linux

Posted on Tue 02 August 2011 in Mac • Tagged with Fedora, Linux, Mac, mac os x, privacy, Tor

If you want to use Tor on your Mac OS X or Linux there is a new bundle you can easy use. The bundle includes all necessary tools and a preconfigured Firefox with the necessary plugin.

Up to now the Tor Browser Bundleis still beta but for me it …

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SizeUp - window management tool for Mac OS X

Posted on Sun 19 June 2011 in Mac • Tagged with mac os x, sizeup, window management

With SizeUp I found exactly what I need for managing my application windows on Mac OS X.

One of my daily use cases where SizeUp helps me a lot is when I have open many iTerm windows with ssh shells. On my desktop there are often a lot of shells …

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