Remote Access SSH, Mosh, ZSH, TMUX

Posted on Tue 02 January 2024 in Security • Tagged with Linux, FreeBSD, Admin, ssh, tmux, zsh

Having secure remote access that's still convenient is key when you're travelling. My setup is very old, but still works perfectly. The remote access I need is mostly terminal access, as I have a lot of tools on terminal to access my important data remotely.


I use …

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Experiences with the Raspberry Pi

Posted on Sun 25 August 2013 in ArchLinux • Tagged with Arch Linux, raspberry pi, SSH, x11

Raspberry Pi LogoUseful configurations, tools and more for the Raspberry Pi

Finally found some time to write down some of my first experiences with my Raspberry Pi. I own some of this devices to play with them and use them for home server and run them with Linux to make things easier …

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Very nice blog

Posted on Wed 30 May 2012 in Security • Tagged with Apache, http, SSH

Some time ago I wrote two articles about tunneling HTTP traffic through a SSH session or OpenVPN. This is useful if you need to secure your webtraffic in an untrusted network.

Today I found this blog:

You should review it, there are some nice articles. I …

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Converting certificates

Posted on Sun 18 December 2011 in Security • Tagged with Apache, Nginx, SSH, ssl

If you are running a webserver with https you maybe get a certificate for your site some times in a different format as you expect it.

The easiest way of converting the certificates is using the openssl tool.

For example if you get a certificate in .pfx format you can …

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ssh -X doesn't work on CentOS

Posted on Thu 13 October 2011 in Linux • Tagged with CentOS, security, SSH

If you installed the server without GUI it may is useful sometimes to have a GUI output via ssh on an different computer.

You can connect with ssh to the server and present the output on you local machine by using ssh with the option -X. You need to be …

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Use SSH for more secure browsing in public networks

Posted on Wed 20 April 2011 in Security • Tagged with Firefox, privacy, security, SSH

In the time of free wifi and free internet connections in every hotel, bar or cafe you should be sure your connections are secure. In some cases you can't trust the connection but you need to go online and read some mails or share some documents. In this case some …

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