Tor hosting project

Posted on Sun 28 August 2011 in Blogging

Today I thought maybe some of you want to help the Tor project to work more efficient by running a bridge or a relay but you maybe don't have the resources or internet connection.

I would like to start a little survey if there is a need to do a hosting of a tor bridge or tor server for you. If enough people come together I would setup one in a computer center and run it as long as we find people who join the project and pay a little amount of the costs for hosting and bandwidth.

This project will be setup as a non-profit project. Only the costs for hosting and traffic should be paid.

The money can be paid via Flattr or Paypal and I would setup a site where you can see how the status of sponsoring is.

Leave me a comment if you would participate on such a project or if you have some resources to support this idea.


There is a project doing exactly this:

If you want to support the tor project you can give some bugs to them and they will run exit nodes and bridges from your money. This is very important for the project and all people who are using tor around the world. Free, uncensored and secure access to information should be a right for everybody everywhere.

You even can sponsor a complete exit node and get named as sponsor by them. Ask your friends, family, your politicians and your boss if free information and free access to the internet is worth 50€/month for hundreds of people you can help.