Torproject needs your help

Posted on Fr 18 Mai 2012 in Security

In this email to the public world the tor projects is asking for help in testing and improving the QA process of the Tor-Bundle.

As you maybe know I am a supporter of the tor project and spend some time in the past of writing some howtos to help improving the tor network in a very small way. The idea behind anonymous communication is well known and you can read tons of information about it. Today I just want to blog about this announcement to share the information and maybe inspire someone to help this project.

In this special case you do not need so deep into the code, it mostly is testing pre versions of the Tor-Bundle.

For new people testing software often is a good starting point in getting known to the structure of a project.

Another way helping the Tor network is sharing some bandwith by running a bridge or exit-node. If you are not skilled to do this you still can donate some bugs to the torservers project.