Use LDAP for authentication with OpenERP

Posted on Fri 22 June 2012 in OpenERP

Install LDAP authentication module:

You need to install the module for authentication. It's quite as easy as every installation in OpenERP. I am using OpenERP 6 an the module was available.

Navigate to: Settings-> Modules -> Enable all the Buttons to search for extra packages, too like shown in the screenshot and search for ldap.

OpenERP 6 module installation page

Install the module and navigate to the configuration wizards:

Configure the LDAP authentication module:

OpenERP 6 configuration wizard overview

Choose the "Setup you LDAP Server" Wizard from the list and run it:


Fill in the values for you LDAP directory. If you using Active Directory the filter rule maybe should look something like this: sAMAccountName=%s

I am using the 389 Directory Server which is using the UID as username.

Now you should be able to login with your ldap credentials.