Why Mozilla should make money with advertisment?

Posted on Fri 21 February 2014 in Blogging

Last week I read some posts about Mozillas thoughts to sell space for advertisement in their Firefox Browser. Of course I don't like advertisements in the web. And of course I don't like apps with a lot of advertisement and much more I don't like to be tracked on every webpage I go to but Mozilla is offering a service and a product I never paid something for.

And even if I am not the oldest Internet guru around I can remember times where Browsers where not included in every computer for free! The last thing I want to develop is a Browsers in this days. Sorry but you would have to pay me for that, too. All this standards and made up standards in the web-javascript-html-css-world would be like a torture for me. Beside  this Mozilla is one of these organizations which made it form a non-profit-dont-do-anything organizations to a great player in the Open Source business world. They spent money on developments and they are working on real world products. Even if they never will fight the iPhone back with there operation system for mobile devices they are someone who I would trust in building a good alternative based on open standards and software.

There are not many companies left who fight for open solutions and systems. And more a shame is that those who are doing it, are often blamed for making money. Please stop this give me everything for free mentality only because you can look into the source code!

Mozilla makes a good job and the organization needs a lot of money. Beside this it is not healthy to get the biggest amount of money from Google. Oh and Google makes most of their money out of their advertisement  business.