Some more details howto configure your nginx server with SSL

Posted on Thu 21 August 2014 in FreeBSD

The guys from did a great job by putting together a tutorial with some more details on a proper Nginx configuration and a very good choice for SSL parameters. There where some parts I didn't know neither and the tutorial is create as always.

If you want to configure a web server with SSL/TLS support and you're not sure what parameters to set for SSL/TLS, watch their tutorial at the end of the episode and you will learn a lot.

Here the link to the video:

And here the link to the tutorial for nginx and SSL/TLS:

If you don't know them yet, take you some time to browser trough their videos!

Beside this you can check your SSL/TLS configuration using the ssllabs test to improve your current settings or check frequently to not miss a newly found vulnerability: