The (r)evolution has begun: OSGi + ADempiere = iDempiere

Posted on Mi 27 April 2011 in iDempiere

What is iDempiere?

This project mainly driven by Low Heng Sin and Carlos Ruiz the main developer and head of development of ADempiere project for 4 years  looks like to be created to bring the development around an OSGi implementation of ADempiere done by Heng Sing Low to a stable and productive level. The main communication platform of iDempiere is the well known forum hosted by Redhuan ( red1).

If you want to test this project you need to follow a strict setup procedure to be successful.

1. Checkout the HG-repository to a new directory in my example: ~/Development/iDempiere/workspace/

2. Install Eclipse Helios Java EE Edition with Mercurial Plugin, Buckminster and Equinox Target Platform

  1. Import the Project the following way.
  • right click in the project explorer select import and then choose buckminster:

Import iDempiere Buckminster project into Eclipse

Import iDempiere cquery file into Eclipse

The import process takes a while. After it has finished successful your project tree should look something like my.


Now you should have some run configurations imported as well. Check them in your run configurations window.

iDempiere run configurations

This should be all you need to do for testing the iDempiere project.

If I have some more time I will document the install process of the server on CentOS. This should be quite easy. First test done by me have shown that the OSGi implementation works faster. But let me check if there is a real speed improvement. The main goal is to make iDempiere more extendable than ADempiere was or is.

I am looking forward what this new projects impact will be for the ADempiere community. Maybe iDempiere will be a total independent project maybe it will become ADempiere 4.0 we will see. Never the less it's ass kicking improvement already.