Build i3 improved tailing wm version 4.4 package for Fedora 17

Posted on Tue 01 January 2013 in Fedora • Tagged with Fedora, i3, i3status, rpm

While I tried to build the new i3 version 4.4 for Fedora I came over the problem that cairo seems to be build without xcb support in Fedora 17. I built a version of cairo with xcb enabled and a i3 4.4 rpm file for Fedora 17. You …

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E17 window manager with Fedora 17

Posted on Tue 01 January 2013 in Fedora • Tagged with e17, enlightenment, window manager

The E17 project released a stable version of its window manager. If you plan to use it with Fedora you have to use the repository provided via the OpenSuSE buildservice. While the first versions of the packages didn't work on my Fedora 17 box they now do. This instructions should …

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Add mp3 support for Fedora 17

Posted on Wed 14 November 2012 in Fedora • Tagged with Fedora, mp3, rpmforge

Because of licensing reasons there are is no codex for the mp3 format included in Fedora by default.  If you want to play mp3 files you need the following additional packages:

gstreamer-plugins-ugly gstreamer-plugins-bad gstreamer-ffmpeg

This packages are available in the RPMForge repository. Install this two RPMForge repositories:

rpm -Uvh http …

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Install nvidia module on Fedora 14 or 15

Posted on Fri 27 May 2011 in Fedora • Tagged with howto, kernel module, nvidia

If you want to use the graphic drivers provided by Nvidia, the easiest would be to install them via RPMFusion.

Using the .run installer from the Nvidia download page didn't work for me. There need to be too many manual changes to make it work properly.

  1. Install the RPMFusion repository …

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Install Tor on Fedora

Posted on Tue 19 April 2011 in Fedora • Tagged with Fedora, Tor

This tutorial explains how to install Tor on a Fedora system. If you are looking for an easy to use solution check you this new all in one package here.

There is a Fedora package of Tor. We need to install 2 packages:

  • tor
  • privoxy

(if you don't install tor …

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